General 000 - Al manac (Fact Monster);
                     Awesome Stories (primary sources);
                     Bartlett's Quotations and World Facts 
                     (who said what?);
                     BBC Webwise - Learn how to use the 
                     internet step-by-step;
                     Britannica (online encyclopedia);
                     Citation Machine (Create a 
                     bibliography in correct format);
            (searches 100 
                     online sources); 
                     Encyclopedia of BC (use school 
                     computers or login to LearnNow BC);
                     FastestTube (YouTube downloader to 
                     play videos offline);
                     Google (search engine);
                     Google Helper (everything Google); 
                     Guinness World Book of Records 
                     (online oddities);
                     Internet Basics (online safety); 
                     Kids  Open Dictionary (Create and 
                     find definitions in kids words): 
                     Kids site (Links to sites for kids);
                     Learn the Net (online tips);
                     Order in the Library (Librarian Helper);
                     Qwiki (multi-media search engine); 
                     Science News for Kids: (Ages 9-14);
                     Search-Cube (visual search);   
                     Web Search Strategies - video
                     Word Central (online dictionary/games);
                     World Book (must login to LearnNow 
                     BC - free)

Psychology 100 -

Religion 200 -

Social Science 300 - ABCya (educational games)

Language 400 - Colorin Colorado  (English Language Learner site)
                       Google Books - public domain books.
                       Magazines - free magazines.
                       Open Library - classic literature.
                       Project Gutenberg - free ebooks.

Natural Science 500 - AAA Math - Interactive Math lessons
                                Biome WebQuest - links to all biomes
                                Biomes of the World - links to all biomes
                                Blue Planet Biomes - links to all biomes
                                Dynamic Periodic Table -- interactivity
                                Exploratorium - Cow's eye dissection
                                Get Body Smart - Human nervous system
                                Get the Math - algebra used in the real world.
                                Introduction to Biomes - links to all biomes
                                Math Open Reference Project -- K-12 math resources
                                Periodic Table - Periodic Table of elements in video
                                Scale of the Universe -- look at big and small objects.
                                Science Nine - Digital resources for Science 9
                                Uninterupted - Salmon resources.
                                World Biomes - links to all biomes

Applied Science 600 -    Cooking - Children's recipes.
                                    Sewing - Free sewing and crafts

Arts and Recreation 700 - Art Access - Art Institute of Chicago;
                                      Art History - resources on the web; 
                                      Art Magick - source for obscure artists;
                                      Art Project - visit museums;
                                      Ask Art - Artists' directory;
                                      Aviary - music creator;
                                      Behold - photos from Creative Commons;
                                      British Pathe - video clips and still images;
                                      Educational Games - explore
                                      Edudemic - free stock photos;
                                      Exploratorium - Science of music;
                                      Flickr - photos from Creative Commons;
                                      Getty Images - copyright-free photos;
                                      Imagebase - free stock photos;
                                      J. Paul Getty Museum -- museum collection;
                                      Legal Music - Creative Commons;
                                      Morguefile - free reference images;
                                      National Geographic Pictures - old pictures;
                                      Noun Project - Free Icons;
                                      OpenClipArt - public domain graphics;
                                      Photo Pin - photos from Creative Commons;
                                      Pics4Learning - Free, copyright-friendly images for education;
                                      Pixabay - public domain photos; 
                                      Pond5 - free historical photos and videos;
                                      Seattle Art Museum - exhibits;
                                      Smithsonian - photography initiative;
                                      Toondoo - cartoon creator;
                                      Unsplash - pictures in public domain;
                                      Vancouver Art Gallery - Artist work;
                                      Wellcome Images - images spanning 2,000 years;
                                      Wikimedia Commons - copyright-free images, sounds & video.

Literature 800 - Art of Storytelling - Create and listen to stories.
                       Bibliomania (online literature);
                       Concrete Poetry - words in a shape.
                       Plagiarism - video explaining copying

Geography and History 900 - History's Heroes - A site about heroes.
                                           Lego Castle Adventure - Activities (pdf)
                                           Medieval Cookery - Recipes