Ms. Danforth


Things to do All Year

  • Please remember to sign in at the office when you come to visit the school.
  • All volunteers within the building must have a Criminal Record Check
  • Read a variety of  materials, including non-fiction and magazines.
  • Read and Sign your child's Communication Binder every night.


Sight Words:

Please note: These are sight words and are not meant to be sounded out.  They are to be memorized and recognized by sight within 2-3 seconds.I have attached a full list of the words in PDF format below.  If you wish to practice, please feel free to print them off.





Educational Information


  • I have attached a shortened version of Helping Your Child with Reading and Writing: A Guide for Parents.  This comes from the Ontario Ministry of Education but contains wonderful hints and tips.  I have included the website in the PDF so you can see the full text.
  • I have also attached other information about sight words and home reading.




Downloadable Files: