Ms. Gill

Welcome to division 45's online classroom!  This site will be used for daily homework assignments (also found in your child's planner/homework binder), instructions and rubrics for take home assignments, classroom information and important dates. 

My door is always open.  If  you need to contact me, I can be reached at 604-794-7124, you can email me at or you can come to see me in Room 101 (right across from the office).


Daily Homework- Week of January 15 (updated daily)

Monday, January 15

  • Spelling (New words for green, yellow and blue group)
  • Read (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Practice multiplication facts
  • Grandparents pictures (if not brought in already)
  • Math- only a few taking it home to complete

Tuesday, January 16

  • Spelling 
  • Read (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Practice multiplication facts

  • DARE tomorrow (Grade 5's)

Wednesday, January 17

  • Spelling
  • Read (minimum 15 minutes) 
  • Library tomorrow
  • Practice multiplication facts

Thursday, January 18

  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • Read (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Practice multiplication facts

Friday, January 19

  • Read (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Practice multiplication facts

Important Dates (updated as needed)

  • January 19- Casual Friday
  • January 25- January Scholastic Book Order Due
  • January 25- Makers Day at Rosedale (Intermediate classes from Cheam, East Chilliwack and Rosedale)
  • January 26- Pro-d Day (No School)
  • January - March - every Wednesday the grade 5's will have D.A.R.E. lessons with Constable Christensen
  • February 9- Grandparents Day at Rosedale (tea, assembly, class visit)

Classroom Information (updated as needed)

  • Homework- I provide students with more than enough time to finish work in class. If they bring any homework home it could be that they are wanting to add more details, brain was not focused in class or it is an activity/project to complete at home.​

  • Delivering Items - If your child has forgotten something at home and you are delivering it to them during class time, please leave the item(s) at the office and they will be more than happy to get things to your child at break time. Thank you!

  • Spelling - Blue Group (Sort:), Yellow Group (Sort: ) and Green Group (Sort:)

  • Language Arts- We are continuing to practice writing complete paragraphs.

  • Math- We have started our multiplication unit. The students are encouraged to practice their multiplication facts daily at home. We will have fact drills during math blocks.
  • Socials- We are starting to look at the Indian residential schools, Japanese internment, Chinese head tax, and Komagata Maru Incident. 
  • Science- Next Science Unit (Human Body) will be starting after the completion of the socials unit.
  • French- Starting to look at some asking simple questions and responding to questions correctly (Introductions, greetings, and asking/replying to simple questions). Students have started to ask to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water in French. This will allow me to assess their oral marks.
  • Gym- Mr. Allan is the gym teacher this school year. If your child is unable to participate for any reason please write a note directly to Mr. Allan or email (
  • I will email parents if I notice that a student is needing extra support for his/her academics or behaviour. If you do not hear from me then please consider that all is well!

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