Grade 1

The focus is teaching the whole child, which means including not just academics but developing social skills, independence, Social Responsibility, School Community involvement, regular physical activity and a variety of experiences with the arts. At Rosedale Traditional Community School some of the academic programs taught are: Reading Mastery, Math Makes Sense, Lucy Calkins, Reading Power and a variety of other units that meet the requirements of the IRP’s. Students are taught with a variety of direct instruction, group exploration and independent inquiry. Students participate in daily physical activity through PE and DPA. We work as a class to develop an understanding of the school community around us and how we can both function and participate in it. The Fine Arts are taught independently, as well as being integrated throughout the curriculum. As the year progresses students take on an increasing, and developmentally appropriate, level of responsibility for their work, school items, and other day to day activities to develop their self-confidence and independence.