Grade 2

Language Arts: Reading instruction is our school Reading Mastery program, which provides structured, direct instruction for 90 minutes each day. Students are grouped according to their reading abilities. Listening, speaking and writing skills (grammar, printing, spelling, punctuation) are also emphasized.

Math: Math instruction includes the concepts of numeracy (addition and subtraction to 100, counting/comparing numbers to 999), graphing (mostly bar and picto), measurement ( length, mass, temperature, time), geometry and transformations, counting money, probability, beginning fractions, beginning multiplication and division, and problem-solving.

Social Studies/Science: Units include Mapping Skills, Communities and Community Workers, Earth Science, Matter and Animals Grow and Change.

Fine Arts: Fine Arts instruction includes Art, Drama, Music and Dance. Appropriate audience and performance skills are emphasized.

Daily Physical Education: Physical exercise, participation, safety, sportsmanship and skill development are emphasized.

Social Responsibility: Productive work habits, effective and socially acceptable communication, self-engagement in class activities, and self-discipline are emphasized.