Grade 3

The Grade 3 Language Arts curriculum focuses on the development of strategies to effectively use language. Through the presentation of reports and writing assignments, children learn to write and speak for a specific purpose. Proper grammar, spelling, and the mechanics of writing are taught to enable students to proofread and communicate more effectively. Cursive Writing is also introduced this year. Reading Mastery is the central reading program. Students are tested and placed into reading groups designed to specifically meet individual needs. The five critical components of reading instruction are developed in this direct instruction program: phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension. In Math we will continue developing strategies for multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. Patterns in numbers, skip counting from random starting points up to 1000, fact families, graphing, geometry, measurement and fractions are also taught. Learning multiplication facts up to 9 x 5 is a goal this year. There is a focus on the physical, earth, and life Sciences. In Social Studies we review the concept of community, both past and present, learn about Canada, engage in mapping activities and develop research skills. In the area of Fine Arts, students are provided with activities to stimulate their imaginations, refine, and expand their artistic abilities. During P.E. there is a focus on gross-motor skills, spatial awareness, body control, and teamwork. Learning and applying effective strategies to work through and solve problems independently is an ongoing goal for every student. It is important to work together with parents to achieve a common goal - success for your child!