Grade 6

Our work in Reading will be based on the school Reading Mastery program. The purpose of all Reading assignments is to increase your child’s decoding skills, vocabulary, and comprehension, to enrich his/her general knowledge, and to help develop and appreciation for literature. Writing assignments will focus on the Writing in Excellence program. Each child will be given a guide booklet to be used in all writing assignments. The work is usually expected to be using blue or black ballpoint pen. Good spelling skills will be reinforced through weekly tests, for which the students will be expected to study regularly. We begin math with a review and practice of the basic operations add, subtract, multiply and divide. I encourage students to master to memory their times tables (up to 12X12). The math contents include: Number Patterns, Whole numbers, Geometry, Problem solving, Multiplication and Division, Data Management, Measurement, Fractions, Decimals and Probability. Class assignments from the previous day are checked regularly. Science includes investigations of life science including classification, kingdoms, cells and body systems, electricity, and extreme environments. Social Studies explore culture, government, economics and trade. The homework that is assigned in my class is almost always an extension of activities, which were introduced, and partially completed, during school hours. The amount of homework will vary according to the rate at which your child has worked during class time. Personal planning marks are based on assignments specific to the grade six criteria including Social Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, as well as work completed on time, organization, neatness, study skills and attitude.