Grade 8

Grade 8 is a year of growth as students are challenged to reach toward their academic, social and physical potential. Building on the skills learned in Grade 7, they continue to work toward the goal of becoming independent learners who exhibit skills in organization and personal responsibility.

In doing so, we enable students to develop their unique talents and become confident Grade 9 learners.

All students in Grade 8 will be required to take the following Core subjects:

• English
• Math
• Socials
• Science
• Physical Education
• French
• Health & Career Education (this is not a regular block, we hold 2 “CAPP” days throughout the year).

Electives (Full Year)

Students will choose one of the following:

• Art
• Band
• Drama
• Mixed Technology
• Peer Tutoring (Application Required)

Electives (1/2 Year)

Students will choose two of the following:

• Clothing
• Computers
• Foods & Nutrition
• Metalwork
• Woodwork
• Peer Tutoring (Application Required)


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