Grade 9

The Grade 9 Team is committed to fostering continued social responsibility in order to promote citizenship both at the school and in the community.

Developing independence and self-advocacy are key components of this important transition year.

All students in grade 9 will be required to take the following Core subjects:

• English
• Math
• Socials
• Science
• Physical Education
• Health & Career Education (this is not a regular block, we hold 2 “CAPP” days throughout the year).

Electives (Full Year)

Students will choose two of the following:.

• Art
• Band
• Drama
• French
• Leadership *(Application Required)
• Mixed Technology
• PE Leadership *(Application Required)
• Peer Tutoring *(Application Required)

Electives (1/2 Year)

Students will choose two the following:

• Clothing
• Computers
• Foods & Nutrition
• Metalwork
• Woodwork


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