Raven's Nest Weekly Menu



This is the last week that I'll be open for this school year and my last week at RTCS.  Thank you so very much for your support for these last nine years. 

I couldn't have done this without all the students that volunteered in the kitchen, some for their entire middle school careers.  We threw juice boxes (with varying degrees of success), we dropped food on the floor, we yelled orders across the room, we sweated in the heat and we laughed!  I was blessed to work with some fabulous kids and I am forever grateful!

A huge thank you for all the administrators that stood behind me - Todd McLean, Helen Plummer, Paula Jordan and Erin McAstocker. 

My job was made so much easier with the help of Tim Gainert.  He reached the things on high shelves, opened cans and jars, cleaned up my messes, taste tested and listened while I figured things out out loud ... all for cookie ends.

... and now it is off to my next great adventure!





Meatball Subs




Would you like lettuce? mayo? ketchup? mustard?



Southwest Chicken Wraps

Chicken cooked in salsa, seasoned rice and shredded cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla


Chicken Nuggets

Would you like ketchup? sweet and sour sauce? barbecue sauce? for dipping.


Elementary Fun Day

Lunch provided to all elementary students


Middle School - Hot Dogs - $2.00




For those of you new to the school I'll tell you how the cafeteria works:

- RTCS allows me space to operate the cafeteria, I do not work for the school district. 

- In order to keep things as inexpensive as possible the menu changes weekly.  I post the week's menu by 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

- I can customize your order to a degree - ie: "Can you make it without cheese." .  I'll do my best.

- I will not take elementary lunch orders after recess.  Elementary and middle school students don't eat at quite the same time so their lunches are prepared separately.  Elementary students are not allowed to come to the cafeteria at lunch time.

- If your child brings a lunch from home and forgets their fork I will gladly lend them a metal one they can return when they are finished.  Unfortunately, I must charge 10¢ for plastic cutlery.  If one of my lunches requires a fork or spoon it will be provided, although there has been a time or two where I've forgotten to put it in the bag.  If that happens tell your child to run down and pick one up.

- I am open for middle school break and serve lunch for both elementary and middle grades.


K-6 Parent Information:  K-6 students order their lunches by dropping their orders in the green bin in their classroom first thing in the morning.  Orders are picked up and filled and lunches are delivered directly to their classroom at lunch time.  Orders can be placed in envelopes or Ziploc bags with the child's name and grade.  Only one order is needed per family as long as the name and grade for each child is included with the order.  I sometimes make something different for elementary and middle school students so it is very important that students gets their orders in right away so I make enough food to fill the orders.  If they are late for school have them bring their orders to the cafeteria as soon as possible.  I will no longer be able to fill orders if they are brought down right at lunch time.


If you have any questions pop down and see me or send me an e-mail at cwain@telus.net.


smileySPECIALS JUST $2.50smiley


Caesar Salad - $2.00    Spinach Dip & Bread - $2.00 

5 Alive, Apple Juice or Jammer Juice Boxes - 50¢  

Pudding or Jello - 50¢  

Cookies, Brownies or Squares - 50¢

Goldfish, Pretzels, Fruit by the Foot- 50¢

Tree Top Gummies - 25¢

Muffins - $1.25 (chocolate or blueberry)







I will no longer be numbering and tracking coupons.  Make sure that you don't lose them!


You can purchase coupon books directly from me.  They are $15.00 a book and get you 5 - $3.00 coupons.  Coupons are only good for lunch time and I don't give change for them - your student must spend the whole $3.00.

I operate this cafeteria independently and am not employed by the school district.  If you send a cheque for lunches or coupon books please make the cheque out to me - Colleen Wainwright - or leave it blank and I will fill it in.


Feel free to pop down and have a look around or e-mail me at cwain@telus.net if you have any questions.