May Message:

During a quick walk through the school these days, you will see vegetables and flowers beginning to sprout in a variety of places………inside of classrooms, in hallways, and in our school garden. It is heartwarming to observe students engaged in the process of caring for and nurturing their plants. This is not just about the process of growing plants, but also the process of growing young minds and spirits.

May is an extremely busy month for RTCS students, parents and staff. Field trips, a Leadership/WEB Retreat, Guest speakers, a Grade 5/6 Gym Blast, District and Local Aboriginal Awards Evenings, and an Art Starts Performance are just a short sampling of the activities that are planned.

It is also the time of year that we have conversations with students about, “staying the course.” With only two months until July, students need those gentle reminders: to continue with kind words and kind actions; to carry on wearing their school uniform; and to stay focused on their academics. We certainly appreciate your support at home with helping to provide these reminders.

School and home communication are an essential ingredient to the success of our students. We encourage our parent community to stay connected by ensuring that the school has a current email address; by checking our school website; and “liking” our Facebook page.

Let’s hope that all of these spring showers turn to May flowers soon!

Mrs. P. Jordan, Principal