Electronic Device/ Cell Phone Policy 2023-2024

no cell phones allowed

All School District 33 Middle Schools aspire to have a positive and productive learning environment with a focus on academic achievement and appropriate socialization. It is a privilege to have cell phones at school – we desire to have students use these devices in a responsible and appropriate manner. Our classroom and school wide expectations include:

  • At break and lunch periods, students are encouraged to be active and socialize with friends. Students are not permitted to use their cell phones and other devices during this time.
  • Students are encouraged to leave their devices in their lockers, however if students take their cell phones/electronic devices to class they must be turned off. Teachers may collect cell phones at the beginning of class and return them at the end of class. Your child’s teachers will decide if students can use them during class for educational purposes.
  • Please do not text/call your child while they are in class. If you need to contact your child during instructional time, please call our office.
  • For privacy considerations, the taking of pictures, videos, or recordings at school is strictly prohibited.
  • Head phones/ear buds must not be worn or visible during instructional time unless the teacher has allowed them. These are not to be worn during assemblies, at break, or at lunch.

Unauthorized use of electronic devices will result in the device being turned in to the teacher and returned to the student after class or at the end of the day.

For repeated offences, the device(s) will be given to the office who may return the device(s) to the student and/or contact the parents if the issue persists. Students may then be asked to turn their cell phone into the office each morning and pick it up at the end of the day or to leave it at home.