Mr. Beauchene

Term 3

Monday, March 9th.

Graphing Co2 levels and finding a relationship between global temperature.  Graphing package is attached along with marking guide.  

Monday, March 9th.

Multiplying and Dividing integers practice-  PDF attached


Last Day of Term is March 6th.  Last Day for work to be handed in for report cards will be Monday, March 2nd.  

Pink Shirt day - Wednesday, Feb. 26th.  

Term 2

Wednesday, Mar 4th 2020.

Integers - Subtracting Integers NS7 93 & 94 (Attached in the integer package below.)  along with a mixed Adding and Subtracting integers practice sheet.  (PDF attached below.)  - Due Friday, March 6th 

We will have a quiz on Friday (adding and Subtracting Integers. Along with comparing and ordering Integers.

Monday, Mar 2nd 2020.

Integers - Subtracting Integers NS7 93 & 94 (Attached in the integer package below.)  along with a mixed Adding and Subtracting integers practice sheet.  (PDF attached below.)  - Due Friday, March 6th (we will work on it on Wednesday in class too) 

Friday, Feb 28th 2020.

Integers - Subtracting Integers NS7 91 (Attached in the integer package below.)  along with Subtracting integers practice sheet.  (PDF attached below.)  - Due Monday. March 2nd

Wednesday, Feb 26th 2020.

Integers - Subtracting Integers NS7-90 & 91 (Attached in the integer package below.)  along with Subtracting integers practice sheet.  (PDF attached below.)  - Due Fri. Feb 28th 

Tuesday, Feb 25th 2020.

Canada and Climate Change- Class discussion and marked the reading worksheet.  

Voice of Change is due on Thursday.  

Monday, Feb 24th 2020.

Integers - Adding Integers NS7-89 along with adding integers practice sheet.  (PDF attached below.)  - Due Wednesday.  

Thursday, Feb 20th 2020.

Integers - Ns7-87 & 88- Due Monday Feb 24th.  PDF is attached below as a whole integers unit.  

Wednesday, Feb 19th 2020.

Science - Canada and Climate Change Due Tuesday Feb. 25th.

Tuesday, Feb 18th 2020.

Start of a new Math Unit... Integers.  Today we looked at gains and losses.  Ns7-86-  PDF is attached below.  Due Thursday.

Friday, Feb 14th 2020.

Happy Valentines Day!  Today was an early dismissal day.  We have finished up our "order of operations" unit in Math (BEDMAS).

We will move onto integers (positive and negative numbers) next week.   

In Science, we are starting our "Climate Change" unit.  We watched a Bill Nye on Climate today. Students can youtube the video:  Search Bill Nye and climate" S03 E10.  The worksheet is attached below.  

Monday, Feb 10th 2020.

we are working on BEDMAS (order of operations).  
Today we implemented decimals using BEDMAS.  See PDF attached below.  Due Wednesday Dec. 12th. 

Thurs, Feb 6th, 2020.

Division 71 has started to have a "Traditional" class to start to curb some of the "liberties" students have been taking.  

We are starting Order of Operations (BEDMAS)

NS7-2 (Jumpmath book 1) Due Friday.  

Order of Operations (A C E F) Due Monday.  PDFs Below. 

Tuesday, Feb 4th, 2020.

We had a great field trip yesterday.  Students learned how to be an archaeologist and make inferences and hypothesise on the artifacts that they found.  Students actually got to see a real mummy (which was kind of weird.)  

Today we marked our Math quizzes from last week.  Div. 71 did their science quiz on crystals, but students seemed to be not ready for it.  So, on Thursday I will do a retest but I will give out study questions (exact questions from the quiz) and students will navigate the 3 websites to find the answers for the questions.  Study questions have been attached below in PDF format.  

Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 2020.

Students are working on finishing up their labs.  We will have one more class to finish up the work.  

Wednesday we are going to have a pop quiz on ratios and percentages.  NS7-74-76

Science quiz on Tuesday- students can study by doing online practice quizzes.  see pdf for Crystal lab to get access to practice quizzes. 

Friday, Jan. 24th, 2020.

Thursday and Friday of this week students were using microscopes and looking at the crystal structures of 4 supersaturated solutions.  Along with this students were creating their own crystal structures out of paper and trying to identify angles of axes and length of sides.  PDF is attached for the online portion of lab.  

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2020.

Crystals web Lab.

No homework!

Monday Jan 19th, 2020.

Math- reviewing and working through the percents and ratios. 

JumpMath book 7.2 Ns7-74-76 (PDF attached)

Friday, Jan 17th, 2020.

Math- Percents and Ratios - There was low attendance and a TOC in for me in the AM, so we will continue the work on Monday.  

JumpMath book 7.2 Ns7-74-76 (PDF attached)

Wednesday, Jan. 8th

Math- Finding a percent of a number. eg. 50% of 30. Percents 3 worksheet Due Friday, Jan 10th.

Tuesday, Jan. 7th

Math- Converting Fractions to decimals then to Percents  Dues Percents 2 worksheet Due Wednesday, Jan 8th. PDF attached below.

Monday, Jan. 6th

Math- Converting Fractions to Percents using 2 different methods. (pdf attached below.) Dues Tuesday, Jan 7th.

Wed. Dec. 11:  Turkey Shoot Begins in the gym at Lunch.  Bring a dollar to participate and have a chance to win a turkey.  

Spirit Week next week: 

Wednesday: Decades Day (choose a decade and dress up as it)

Thursday: Formal Day With a Winter Wonderland Dance

Friday: Cozy Day

Wed. Dec. 18th:  Elf the musical at 1:00 pm at the school

Thursday, Dec. 19th:  Report Cards sent home

Friday, Dec. 20th - Casual Day

  -Ice Skating Field Trip (please bring in signed field trip form.)

Monday Dec. 16th- Friday Dec 20th.

Math Quiz Monday, Tuesday - Chasing Ice documentary (climate change), Wednesday finish Documentary, Thursday- Class Christmas Movie party (Bring in goodies to share with the class if you wish).  Friday - locker cleanout/ assembly and ice skating.  

Friday, December 13th. 

Students were working on Dividing decimals today.  We will have a quiz on Monday and students will need to have all of their homework completed for Monday.  We have had all week to complete it.   MCS Lessons 16, 17,18, 19,20, 21& 24.

I have sent home a practice quiz so students can practice over the weekend.  I have posted it as a PDF Below.  

Students need to finish mcs 19 &20 for Friday.  - Math Quiz on Monday

Thursday, December 10th. 

Students need to finish mcs 19 &20 for Friday.  - Math Quiz on Monday

Tuesday, December 10th.

Math All Week!!!!! .

Lesson 16-18 due Wednesday.  PDF attached below. 

Monday, December 9th.

Math All Week!!!!!  NS7-49 and 50 Due Tues Dec 10th.

We started practising Multiplying Decimals - Lesson 16-18 in MCS - PDF posted below.  


Friday, December 6th.

We marked our Science Quizzes and worked on Math afterwards. NS7-49 & 50 Multiplying decimals.  Due Tuesday, Dec. 10th.  


Tuesday, December 3rd.

We have not had any homework for the last week as I have wanted students to catch up on their missing work (if they have any.)  We have been doing math stations in class and working on studying for our Science Quiz on Thursday.  

Science Quiz on Thursday; Students are allowed to bring in a 3x5 cue cards to the quiz with their notes on it.  

Thursday, Nov. 28th

Choice Day- Students can use class time to catch up on missing work or study for a test next week.  

I am aiming to do the Science Quiz on Chapter 5 next week. students can bring a cue card full of notes into the quiz.  

Wednesday, Nov. 27th

Students were working in small math groups during our math stations.  No homework!  

Monday, Nov. 25th

NS7-48 - 50 (Not for homework) we will work on it in class on Wednesday.  

Friday, Nov. 22th

Adding and subtracting  decimals with estimating and rounding - Quiz

NS7-48 (only) - We will work on this on Monday. 

Thursday, Nov. 21th

Students had the class to work on their lab reports from our science demo.  

Next week we will have a quiz on Chapter 5.  Students were given a study guide to help them answer questions about the key concepts in Chapter 5.  PDF is attached.  It will be due next week. 

Wednesday, Nov. 20th

Math- Quiz on Friday (lessons Ns7-40-44)

NS7-44 Due Friday, Nov. 22nd. attached below. 

Tuesday, Nov. 19th

We finished our Science Demo on Physical and Chemical Changes.  The lab report will be due at the end of class on Thursday.  We will be having a quiz next week on Ch. 5 in the textbook.  We will be doing some studying and Review on Thursday for the quiz.  

Ask about the Elephant Toothpaste Demo.  

If students missed the Demo they can come in at lunch and watch the videos I have so they can complete the lab.  

Monday, Nov. 18th

NS7-42 and 43 Due Wednesday, Nov. 20 - Rounding Decimals pdf attached below. 

Friday, Nov. 15th

NS7-41 Due Monday - Adding/subtracting Decimals pdf attached below. 

SCIENCE POSTER Due - Thursday.  Question #16 on 5.4 notes 

Thursday, Nov. 14th -

Science Demo Lab- Name that Change (in class)  We will finish it on Tuesday!  

Wednesday, Nov. 13th

Math- Quiz today... Most students did really well!  :-)  NS7-29 & 40 due on Friday.  

SCIENCE POSTER Due - Thursday.  Question #16 on 5.4 notes    

Tuesday, Nov. 12th -

Math Quiz tomorrow- study questions are provided below in PDF.  (optional).  

Science- Poster on Physical and Chemical Changes in our environment.  Question #16 on 5.4 notes    

Thursday, Nov. 7th -

Science- Students are working on taking notes on Chapter 5.2 and were given 5.3 notes to do too.  (Physical and Chemical Changes) in the science Textbook.  PDF attached.  5.4 NOTES are due Tuesday Nov12th and the Poster will be due Thursday, Nov 14th.    

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

Math- Decimals NS7-38 (jump Math book 7.1) comparing and ordering decimals- PDF attached - Due Friday Nov.8th

Tuesday, Nov. 5th -

Science- Students are working on taking notes on Chapter 5.2 (Physical and Chemical Changes) in the science Textbook.  PDF attached.  Due Thursday -, November 5th (at the end of class).  

Monday, Nov. 4th

Math- Decimals NS7-36 & 37 (jump Math book 7.1) - PDF attached - Due Wednesday Nov.6th


Thursday, October 31th - Happy Halloween!

Science- Students are working on taking notes on Chapter 5.1 in the science Textbook.  PDF attached.  Due Tuesday, November 5th.  

Wednesday, October 30th

Math- Decimals NS7-34-35 (jump Math book 7.1) - PDF attached - Due Monday Nov.4th

SCIENCE RETEST - on Thursday (students must complete a study sheet to retest.) attached below.

Tuesday, October 29th

Science Quiz- I will offer a retest on Thursday for those that would like to do it.  I will post study Questions below in PDF form  Students will need to complete the questions before they write the retest.  

Monday, October 28th

Math- We started our Decimals unit today.  NS7-32-33 (jump math 7.1) pdf is attached.  Due Wednesday, Oct 30th 

Science Test tomorrow.  See below 

Thursday, October 24th

Science- We were studying for our science test that will be on Tuesday, October 29th,  Ch 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 in our science textbook.  Students were to copy down questions on cue cards and answer them on the back.  Parents, please question your kids on their cue cards.

Things they need to know:  (definitions)

• Particle model- pg 117
• pure substances
• matter
• Mixtures
• elements
• compounds
• Types of mixtures
• Mechanical mixtures- give and example
• Suspensions- and give an example
• emulsion- and give an example
• solution- and give an example
• How many elements does the textbook say there are
• example of a mixture that is all 3 states
• what 4 elements are in every living thing?
• 2- kinds of pure substances?
• how many different compounds are there? 

Wednesday, October 23rd.

Math groups part 2- Review Multiplication- No homework. 

Tuesday, October 22nd.

Science - Bill Nye the Science Guy - Atoms and Molecules Video - Pdf is attached.   

Monday, October 21st.

Math groups- Review Multiplication- No homework. 

Friday, October 18th.

Math Quiz today!  No homework in math.  

Thursday, October 17th.

Science- 6.3 and 6.6 Notes - PDF attached.  Due Tuesday, Oct 22nd

Wednesday, October 16th.

Math- Area Model multiplying- practice the side with questions, then make up your own questions to practice - DUE Friday, Oct 18th.  

QUIZ- Friday, Oct 18h - Questions will come from NS7-4, Ns7-7-8 and the Area model Multiplying.  

Tuesday, October 15th

Science- Element research using the website.  Pdf attached Due Thursday, October 17th.  

Friday, October 11th.

Math- NS7-8 Jump Math book 1 - Due Wednesday, October 16th.  Happy Thanksgiving!  No School Monday.  PDF attached below.  

Thursday, October 10th.

Activity Day

Wednesday, October 9th.

Math- NS7-7 - Students work out of the book copying down questions (no handout today).  PDF is attached below for reference for Homework.  NS7-7 is due on Friday.  

Tuesday, October 8th.

Science - learning about elements and compounds with music.  (They Might be Giants - Meet the Elements song.)

Students have an option to challenge our science test if they can recite the "periodic Table song" on youtube.  

Monday, October 6th.

Math NS7-4 properties of operations (PDF attached below) Page 8 and 9 Due Wednesday, October 8th.  

Friday, October 4th.

Science- Chapter 6.2 - Due Tuesday Oct 8th.  (PDF attached)

Tuesday, October 2nd.

This week we have been completing our Government-mandated FSA assessment.  Regular Science and Math classes will start once FSAs are complete.  No Homework in the meantime.

Wednesday, Sept. 25th.

We did FSA practice quiz in our class.  FSA's will start next week and I wanted the students to be familiar with the types of questions they will be asking on the assessment.  We will work on it Thursday too.  I have attached the PDF of the practice assessment below.  

Tuesday, Sept. 24th.

We discussed the speech Greta Thunberg gave to the UN Climate Change Committee yesterday!  Powerful!  - Discussion points: what can you do as a young person, how can you make a difference in the world.

Monday, Sept. 23rd.

Monday, Sept. 23rd.

Students were introduced to an online math resource.

Students were given students accounts and can always use this for extra work at home.  I can see progress from the student on my computer and can tell if they are working or struggling on a certain topic.  

All students have an account and you can access this at home if you wish.  

Username:  rtcs(the student's student #) eg.  rtcs4567899

Password: div71rtcs - Beauchene's homeroom

Password: div72rtcs - Hailstone's homeroom


Thursday, Sept. 19- Science

Marking and reviewing Ch. 6.1- No homework due.  

On Friday we will be doing our "official SNAP" math assessment.


Tuesday, Sept 17th- Science

Ch 6.1 (mixtures and pure substances) PDF attached. Due on Thursday, Sept. 19th.


Monday16th, Wednesday18th and Friday 20th (Math) will be practising and doing our SNAP assessments for the District. - No Math Homework all week


Friday, Sept 13th- Science (full moon and Friday the 13th- a double whammy for teachers. :-)

Rounding numbers - Due Monday at the end of class (we will have a bit of time to finish it on Monday) - PDF attached below.


Wednesday, Sept 11th- Math

We are doing a math computational assessment to see where the students are in their math skills.  

Tuesday, Sept. 10th - Science

  • Due Tuesday, Sept. 17th

Textbook Scavenger hunt- how to find and read for information in a textbook.  PDF of the textbook is attached below.  The scavenger hunt is attached below too.  

Tuesday, Sept. 3rd -Welcome to Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7 Math/Science

Today's secret code for the Course Outline is...


Information & Announcements

Bus Registration 2020/2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

These are challenging times and although schedules have yet to be determined for the 2020/2021 school year, we need to plan as if schools will open as usual following summer break.

This is to inform you that bus registration for the September 2020/2021 school year will open Monday, May 4th, 2020. 

If your child is a Continuing Rider with the Chilliwack School District,

Integrated Arts and Technology K - 12 Program

The Chilliwack School District is pleased to offer an Integrated Arts and Technology opportunity at AD Rundle Middle School beginning September 2020 for students in grades 6 - 8. An integrated arts and technology approach encourages curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to think “outside the box” within an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning environment. This cohort precedes the opening of the new Integrated Arts and Technology Secondary School (September 2021).