Thursday, Dec 8th

Seasonal Forests - Greenplanet documentary.  Looking at how plants adapt and survive in seasonal forests.  

Tuesday, Dec 6th

Plant adaptation docu-series "Green Planet"

Monday, Dec 5th

BEDMAS final Quiz was today.  

Plant Posters were due today.  

Thursday, Dec 1st.

Field Trip tomorrow.  Most Students have handed in their permission forms already but if you have not can you make sure the form is filled out and to the office by 8 am on Friday.

Science today-  

Due to the snow day yesterday,  I am postponing our BEDMAS Test to Monday, and we will work on our plant adaptation posters today and Friday.  If they are not done by Friday and students need a bit of extra time they can take them home on Friday and hand them in on Monday.  

  • Plant posters are Due Monday
  • BEDMAS Quiz on Monday. 


Tuesday, Nov 29th

Math small group stations- Students had an opportunity to work at 2 different stations working on the BEDMAS concept.  

The Reflection and student work should have been handed in today.  

BEDMAS Quiz on WEDNESDAY (barring a snow day)

  • The end of Term is Dec 2nd.
  • Bedmas Sheets 3 step, 6 step and Decimals are all due next Thurs. Dec. 1st. (can be downloaded below)
  • All missing work for term 1 is due on Friday, Dec 2nd
  • Plant Adaptation Poster Project is due on Friday, Dec 2nd.  


Thursday, Nov 24th

Today we worked on plant adaptation posters.  They are coming along and I am loving some of the creative adaptations I am seeing included on the poster.  

Important info: 

  • No School on Friday and Monday- Enjoy the extra long weekend.  
  • The end of Term is Dec 2nd.
  • Bedmas Sheets 3 step, 6 step and Decimals are all due next Thurs. Dec. 1st. (can be downloaded below)
  • Math Groups on Tuesday for extra practice on Bedmas
  • All missing work for term 1 is due on Friday, Dec 2nd
  • Plant Adaptation Poster Project is due on Friday, Dec 2nd.  

Tuesday, Nov22nd

Students got more practice with BEDMAS. They did 3-step, and 6-step equations and even worked with decimals.

Monday, Nov 21st

Students set up KhanAcademy accounts and did some work with BEDMAS on this program. 

Thursday, Nov. 17th

We worked on our Science Plant Adaptation poster today.  

Wednesday, Nov. 16th

Math- Still working on NS7-2.  Those that finished started on Bedmas practice sheet 1b. (PDF below.)

We will have a quick formative assessment on Friday just to see how everyone is doing with their BEDMAS work.  

Tuesday, Nov 15th

Science - Plant adaptation poster project.  We started our plant adaptation poster project.  Information on the project and assessment, along with information on biomes are provided below to download.  

Monday, Nov 14th

Math -We continued working on Jump Math NS7-2 (pages 4 & 5) Due Friday.  We will have time to work on it a bit more on Wednesday.  PDF is attached below.  

Thursday, Nov 10th (Lest we Forget)

Today we finished learning about plant adaptations. The note-taking sheet and website can be found below as a downloadable PDF.  The video is listed at the top of the sheet. 

Wednesday, Nov 9th

Math - Bedmas (today I touched base with those students that finished their homework from Monday to see if they were doing their BEDMAS questions correctly.  Today we started working on understanding the importance of Brackets in a question.  Jump Math book NS7-2 (PDF attached below.). Just page 3 is due on Monday.  

Monday, Nov 7th

We started our first Math Unit today... Order of Operations (BEDMAS).

The worksheet is attached below.   We did most of the questions in class on whiteboards... Students just need to finish the last 3 questions for homework.  

I am away on Tuesday (a family member is getting surgery.  I have attached our plant adaptions note-taking that we are doing on Tuesday.  

Wednesday, Nov 2nd

Today we finally did our "Chemical Changes" Science Lab Demo.  We made spaghetti and made Elephant Toothpaste.  

Our Chapter 5 Science Quiz is tomorrow.  Practice Quiz is online along with the answer key.  

Tuesday, Nov 1st

We did a practice Science Quiz today in class.  You can find the quiz in a PDF below along with the answer key.

Monday, Oct 31st

We did a Kahoot to practice for our upcoming Science Quiz (Thursday, Nov 3rd)

Thursday, Oct. 27th

Today we had an amazing field trip to Browne Creek Wetlands.  The rain held off and we had a scavenger hunt of "Amazing Plant Adaptations."  - No homework from the trip... We will do an in-class activity to follow up on the field trip.  Nothing beats hands-on learning in nature!

Tuesday, Oct. 25th

Science- researching plant adaptations (prepping for our field trip)

  • Students worked in groups to read and take notes on different plant adaptations from different environments.  Students can download the note-taking sheet and the info sheets below.  

Monday and Wednesday, Oct 24th and 26th 

Math (working on the Online FSAs no math homework this week)

Thursday, Oct 20th

Science- Chapter 5 Study Questions (PDF is provided below along with CH 5 Textbook- Science Probe 7 Chemistry)

The quiz will be pencilled in for late next week or early the week after.

Browne Creek wetlands Field trip Oct 27th.  The permission slip is provided below.  

Wed Oct 19th

Numeracy paper FSA - Next week we will be doing the online questions for the FSA

Tuesday, Oct. 18th

Science - Studying for Chapter 5 quiz - A PDF of the study sheet is provided below.  

  • Quiz is pencilled in for Oct 27th.  



  • Oct 11th - Oct 17th - Provincial assessment (FSA).

Sorry about not updating late week.  There was something wrong with the district server that never allowed me to update.  it would always time out on me.  Thanks to Mr Walker, who just returned from medical leave... He fixed it for me.

Thursday, Oct. 6th

  • We did the district SNAP (Math) assessment today (no Science). Next week we begin the Provincially mandated standardized testing. Students in Grades 4 and 7 write them every year. It normally takes about 2 weeks to complete both the written and computer parts of the test (Math and English).
  • Have a great extended long weekend.

Monday, Oct. 3rd

  • We are doing the district SNAP (Math) assessment this week (no Science). Today we did a practice snap in class on Number sense (decimals).

Week of Sept 26th - 29th

  • Math we were working on Multiplying and Dividing (review). Pages 14a & 16a and 20a and 21a. The pdf is attached.
  • In Science, we did Chapter 5.1 along with Chapters 5.2-5.4
    • Science 5.2-5.4 will be due on Tuesday, Oct 11th.

Friday, Sept. 23th

    • Today we did some review of long multiplying
    • lesson 14a is due Monday. pdf is below

Thursday, Sept. 22th

  • Today in science we started our chemistry unit. Students took notes on Chapter 5.1 (particle model) from a PowerPoint presentation.
    • A PDF of the note sheet is attached below along with the pdf of the chemistry unit.

Tuesday, Sept. 20th

  • Today in science we did a homework check for the work that was due (Textbook Scavenger Hunt), and we marked it in class.
    • Students will need homework late slips if they did not complete their work on time.
    • No homework is due tomorrow.


Friday, Sept. 16th

  • Math today- We finished up an assessment on computational skills, just to see where the students are in math (their strengths and struggles).


  • The science Scavenger hunt is due on Tuesday.

Thursday, Sept. 15th

  • Science today- We have been working on a textbook scavenger hunt. PDF is provided below. Due Tuesday Sept. 20th.
  • Kids can sign out a textbook from me to bring home.