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June 5 Math test on simple interest- Friday

Simple interest video:

June 4 Science questions from video 1 and 2 due Thursday

May 30 Science video #2:

Video questions (attached below)

May 29 Probability video:

May 28 Science video #1:

Video questions (attached below)-will be finishing on Thursday

May 23 Science worksheet (attached below) due Friday

May 14 Math Chapter review 436-437 due Wednesday

May 13 Math pg 432-434 #4-13 due Tuesday

May 9 Math pg 423-424 #3-11 due Friday

May 7 Math (textbook) pg 416-417 #3-7 due Wednesday

April 30 Textbook questions 1-6 due Thursday (attached below)

Science Quiz (Thursday)- What are some ways to describe matter?

Based on Science notes (attached below)

April 29 fraction worksheet (front side) attached below due Wednesday

Fraction video (add and subtract):

Mixed number video (subtraction)

Fraction video (multiply and divide):

Mixed number video (multiply and divide)

Central tendency video:

April 23 Math central tendency worksheet (attached below) due Thursday- Central tendency Test on Thursday

April 18 Science density worksheets (attached below) due Wednesday

April 15 Math 2 sides-volume/surface area (attached below) due Wednesday- Test on Wednesday -volume/surface area 

April 11 Math 2 sides-Volume (attached below) due Monday

Volume video:

April 9 Math 1 side of Cylinders surface area (attached below) due Thursday

April 8 Science WHMIS worksheets (attached below) due Wednesday

April 4 Circumference and area of circle worksheets (2 sides)- attached below(4373 and 4374) due Friday (tomorrow)

Circle-area and circumference video:

Surface area videos:

Mar 4 Math test on pythagorean theorem and 2 step-equations on Tuesday.

2 Step-equations video:

Pythagorean theorem video:

Feb 26 Science test (Life processes are performed at the cellular level 1.4-1.6) Thursday. Students need to study the 1.4-1.6 study booklet and the 1.4-1.6 notes (attached below if he/she has lost them).

Math ratios and rates:

Feb 11 Math worksheets-2 sides (attached below) due Wednesday

Feb 8 Science worksheet-2 sides (attached below) due Tuesday

Feb 7 Math worksheets-2 sides (attached below) due Monday

Jan 22 Science re-quiz (Jan 17 Quiz-see information below) Wednesday at lunch 

Worksheet both sides due Thursday

Jan 21 Math worksheet-both sides (attached below) due Wednesday-Test on linear relations and rates

Jan 17 Science Quiz -Friday (cell information attached below) due Friday



Jan 13 Math worksheet-both sides Unit Rates (attached below) due Thurs

Jan 11 Math worksheet-both sides (attached below) due Tuesday

Dec 14 Sci worksheet-both sides (attached below) due Tuesday

Dec 13 Finish Math worksheet from Dec 11

Dec 11 Math worksheet (attached below) due Thursday

Dec 7 Math worksheet attached below due Tuesday

Dec 6 Science Quiz 1.2 notes Monday

Dec 3 Math Test Ratios/Proportions/Unit Rate- Wednesday

Nov 29 Science Quiz- based on cell notes Tuesday

Nov 28 Back side of Nov 26 worksheet due Monday

Nov 27 No homework 

Nov 26 Math-worksheet (attached below) due Wed

Nov 23 Sci-worksheet (attached below) due Tuesday

Nov 22 Math-ratio worksheet -both sides due Monday.

Nov 21 Math-ratio worksheet (1 side of the 2 sided paper) attached below. Due Friday.

Nov 20 Cell video:

Nov 19 Math proportions sheets (1 and 2) attached below. Due Wednesday.

Nov 15 Math-Fraction Test (adding/subtracting/multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers)-Friday (tomorrow)

Videos just below and worksheets attached below homework listing 

Fraction video (add and subtract):

Mixed number video (subtraction)

Fraction video (multiply and divide):

Mixed number video (multiply and divide)

Nov 7 Science Unit Review (attached below) due Friday Test on Tuesday.

Nov 5 Math worksheet (attached below) due Wed

Nov 2 Science mountain ranges worksheet (attached below) due Tuesday

Nov 1 Math worksheet (attached below) due Monday

Oct 30 Math worksheets (attached below) due Thursday

Oct 29 Science worksheets (attached below) due Wednesday

Oct 26 Math Subtracting mixed numbers (attached below) due Tuesday

Oct 23 Science - Seismic Slinky worksheet due Oct 25 (attached below)

Oct 22 Math - Mixed numbers worksheet-both sides (addition only) due Oct 24 (attached below)




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